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Shilajeet Extract Tablets Energetics: Astringent, pungent, bitter/warm/pungent KV-P+ Tissues: Nerve, reproductive Systems: Urinary, nervous, reproductive Actions: Alterative, diuretic, lithotriptic, antiseptic, tonic, Rejuvenative Precautions: Not for febrile diseases Indications: diabetes, obesity, jaundice, gall stones, dysuria, cystitis, edema, kidney stones, hemorrhoids, sexual debility, menstrual disorders, asthma, epilepsy, insanity, skin diseases, parasites.Shilajeet is one of the wonder medicines of Ayurveda, used for many conditions of weakness and debility. It is not an herb but a kind of natural mineral pitch from the Himalayas and carries the healing power of these great mountains.