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Saraswatharishtam'Saraswatharishtam' is the renowned Ayurvedic formulation referred in the ancient textbooks of Ayurveda as the one formulated by Lord Dhanwanthari for improving the memory power of his disciples.  It is also being mentioned that this is a powerful combination that could be equated to 'Amruth'- the eternal Ambrosia!  Saraswatharishtam is blended with the original and complete range of quality ingredients, stringently adhering to the Good Manufacturing Practices and Superior Quality Standards, which are of course 'the musts'  especially for a preparation chiefly meant for children 'Saraswatharishtam' combines the powerful 'Brain Herb' - Brahmi (Bacoppa monnier) with the richness of Gold and the Goodness of natural Honey in to a quickly absorbable 'Arishtam' form.   'Brahmi' is famous for its all-round brain stimulating powers.