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Organic Mace

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Mace (Javitri, Javinthri, Jaypatri)

Mace is strongly aromatic, resinous and warm in taste. It is similar to nutmeg, however, it generally has a finer aroma than nutmeg, but the difference is small.
Mace is the characteristic flavoring of white sauce, lasagna, stews and ragouts, sometimes also for sausages and pastries, jam, and in some Indian desserts.

Buy and store your mace in whole form, if possible. Grind or powder it in a grinder or mortar & pestle just prior to using because it rapidly lose their freshness and flavor once ground.

Mace spice should be stored in airtight containers in a cool dark place.


Health Benefits

For medicinal applications mace will ease gastric distress and gas. Approximately one tablespoon of mace can be infused in boiling water. Strength may vary according to what the individual can tolerate as this is a strong herb. Some people may experience runny sinuses, burning eyes and even diarrhea and use of mace should be discontinued if any of these side effects occur. 


Mace is actually a part of the spice nutmeg. The bright red, lacy outer covering or shell of nutmeg is called mace. When removed and dried the resulting “blades” of mace have a slightly more delicate but pungent flavor than nutmeg although the two can be used interchangeably. Mace blades may either be sold whole or ground into a powder which is often used to flavor clear soups. If the whole blades are used they should be removed before serving. Mace can be used to flavor fish, cheese, vegetables (especially spinach, carrots, and potatoes) and works well in chutney. Mace is an especially excellent compliment to chocolate and cherries.

Since both fresh nutmeg and mace are the best for flavor and additional benefits, these spices should be placed in clean, air-tight jars and kept in a dark, cool storage area. As with any herb, your store of mace should be replenished every few months. Herbs lose their flavor as they age.


Our Organic Mace is grown in the pristine environment far away from pollution. It contains no animal products and is suitable for vegetarians.

100% Certified Organic!


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