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Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements : Alarsin Ayurvedic Products

Fortege Tablets (Alarsin)

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Pack Size 100 Tablets
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Fortege Tablets - Ayurvedic Prostate Support Formula (Alarsin)

FORTEGE Tablets: These herbal tablets tones up Neuro-Glanaular, Neuro-Muscular and Genito-Urinary Systems and improves Metabolism. Valuable in Benign Prostatic Enlargement(BPH), Prostatism, Prostatitis post Prostatectomy syndrome. Also useful in Micturition difficulties: Frequency, Urgency, Hesitancy, Strangury, Burning, Incontinenece and Dribbling.

Enlarged Prostate: Bangshil + Fortege 2 tablets each twice a day for 6 months or more.

In Male Infertility: Oligospermia, Poor motility: 2 tabs thrice a day for 3-6 months.

Active Ingredients: Jeevanti, Kamboji, Kuncha beej, Suddha Kuchla, Samudra Shokha beej, Vardhara beel, Ashwagandha, Laving, Pipar, Vachha, Kali-Mirch, Sunth, Chinikabab, Akarkara, Safed Chandan, Jaypjlal, Javantri and Vardhara mool.


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